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Image: Northern Greenland ice-cap
United States Geological Survey

Donate YOUR ONE DAY's Pay

Whether you give One Day's Pay or One Hour's Pay, every £1 you give will help make all the difference in the world. Choose your charity and pledge your One Day's Pay.

Sponsor a city tree

Trees for Cities - add your tree to a city orchard for £250, or plant a big standard tree for £800 and bring shade and cleaner air to an inner city estate.

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Your Tree in the Forest

Plant One Cornwall - help plant a new One Day forest in Cornwall.  £10,000 would plant an area equivalent to 2.5 football pitches of beautiful new trees.

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Protect our Coast

Ocean Conservation Trust’s - Join OCT and Natural England in regenerating 700 Ha of seagrass around our shores, creating a carbon store for future generations and supporting sustainable local fisheries.

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Buy an Acre

World Land Trust - every £100 will buy an acre of forest in Brazil to protect the trees and their endangered inhabitants in perpetuity.

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All of the projects will absorb carbon from the atmosphere to help limit global warming and protect both our planet and our loved ones who will follow us from the worst impacts of climate change.

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Our Mission

In year one, working to the UN Race to Zero and Race to Resilience frameworks, we will invest in the best grassroots, national and international programmes to help speed up carbon reduction by:

  • Habitat restoration
  • Increasing biodiversity, re-establishing endangered species to support people and planet resilience.

“More ambitious action on nature is key for the shift toward a low carbon and climate resilient future. Protecting, restoring, and sustainably managing forests is also key to protect people and livelihoods, preserve our planet’s critical ecosystems, and halting and reversing biodiversity loss.“

– From the pledge to stop deforestation at COP26.

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Because why wouldn’t we all give just one day?

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